Billing Questions:

Q: Does the doctor take my insurance?
A: We are contracted with most major insurance companies

Q: Does the office see patients in HMOs?
A: Yes. We do see patients from HMOs. We will need a referral from your primary care physician.

Q: How is my insurance billed?
A: We do bill your insurance as a courtesy to our patients.

Q: Does insurance pay for a colonoscopy?
A: Most commercial insurance companies, HMOs and PPOs pay for screening, diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopies and flexible sigmoidoscopies.

Q: Will insurance pay for my surgical procedure?
A: Yes. Depending on your level of coverage insurance companies pay for the majority of your procedure or surgery costs.

Q: Can I pay out of my own pocket?
A: Yes. A payment plan can be arranged with her billing coordinator.

Hemorrhoid Questions:

Q: Are hemorrhoids common?
A: Yes. Millions of people suffer from hemorrhoids each year in the United States. Hemorrhoids are the most common complain seen in our facility.

Q: I heard hemorrhoid surgery hurts. Is this true? A: Advances in technology have made the management of pain much better. There is no procedure that is painless. However using different surgical techniques and aggressive postoperative pain control, the level of pain is much improved.

Q: Are there better alternatives to surgery for my hemorrhoids?
A: Yes. They are less invasive & less painful procedures that can be performed in the office.

Q: What if I don’t have hemorrhoids?
A: Different diseases can mimic hemorrhoids. We thoroughly check to make sure there is no other disease causing the symptoms. We then treated the problem appropriately. It is important to see a specialist who is familiar with these different diseases and the most recent advances in treating them.

Q: What is the recovery time after hemorrhoid surgery or procedures?
A: In office procedures may allow you to get back to work the very same day. Major hemorrhoid procedures in the operating room may require four weeks before returning to work.

Q: How long does it take to perform hemorrhoid procedures?
A: In office procedures take less than five minutes. Procedures performed in the operating room take thirty minutes to perform the procedure and are usually done as an outpatient.

Appointment & Scheduling Questions:

Q: Can I be seen quickly for my symptoms?
A: Most patients can be seen the same day or within forty-eight hours.

Q: If I need surgery, how long we’ll have to wait?
A: Most patients do not wait to have surgery or a procedure more than two weeks

Q: Will I be seen by my surgeon after surgery?
A: Yes. You will be seen after your surgery to address any questions, refill prescriptions and check for any problems.

Questions About Your Doctor:

Q: Is my doctor experienced?
A: Your doctor is fellowship- trained and board certified in treating diseases of the colon rectum and anus with surgery. This means he has the experience needed to deal with these diseases. Ask your surgeon is he board certified.

Q: Will I be able to have a consultation with my doctor in person?
A: Yes. The doctor you will take time to explain your diagnosis, how the diagnosis was determined and give you a treatment plan individual to your needs and desires. Bring family for support and so that they may ask questions.

Q: Does my doctor come to my neighborhood?
A: Efficiency demands that the doctor serve only certain locations. This allows your doctor to give you the attention and time you desire.

Q: Can the doctor give second opinions?
A: Yes. Second opinions are a patient’s right. Often clients feel more comfortable if they get information from another surgeon.

Q: Will my doctor see me after my inpatient surgery or during my hospitalization?
A: Yes. It is a surgeon’s duty to see his patients after surgery. It is your right to be seen by your surgeon. Your surgeon may assemble a team of different specialist’s to help address your unique postoperative needs.